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Herbert Stephanus Gasser

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Herbert Stephanus Gasser

February 5, 1948 - September 23, 2022

Herb Gasser passed away peacefully in the evening of September 23rd, 2022 at the age of 74 at Ed’s House Hospice in Cobourg, Ontario with his wife, Norine, by his side.
Herb was born to Stephanus and Marta Gasser in Zurich Switzerland. He immigrated to Canada in 1969, settling first Montreal then eventually arriving in Ontario, first Toronto, then Orono and finally Cobourg. His career in finance began at Cambio in Zurich. In Canada, it continued at Swiss Bank where his inherent skill for trading and foreign exchange quickly catapulted him up the ranks of Vice President. His varied interests led to the successful growth of his career to significant board and executive positions, most notably in the mining sector, where he was very well-respected. Thereafter, he moved from one achievement to another as a business consultant, and finally a successful organic beef farmer.
Herb was good company. Full of wit and charm, he had a keen interest in everyone he met, as demonstrated by his many long-standing friendships. And he cared. His big heart also led him to sponsor numerous children through Plan Canada. He also had an enormous love for all creatures, great and small. While on his farm and throughout the rest of his life, he adopted may rescue dogs including Samson, Lady, Elvis, Olli as well as rescuing a multitude of cats. He really enjoyed taking care of his cattle, including Milt, the 1-ton steer, and his donkeys who guarded his herd from predators. And he got a kick out of hosting the Hope Agricultural Heritage Club in his workshop at the farm where many tractors were renovated.
After settling in Cobourg in 2016, Herb pursued a quieter life at his dream home where he puttered around on his tractor and zero-turn mower, keeping the lawns cut, the apple and pear trees pruned and making sure there was enough firewood. During these final years he enjoyed cocktails with neighbours and his friends who dropped by, regaling them with amusing insights, stories of life growing up in Zurich, and his various career incarnations, all the while delighting in his precious view of Lake Ontario.
Herb was preceded in death by both parents and is survived by his beloved wife Norine and much cherished god-son Jean Marc Favre, who never failed to lift Herb’s spirits.
Gifts in lieu of flowers, donations may be made in Herb’s memory to Lung Cancer Canada or Adopt A Dog Save A Life or the Hope Agricultural Heritage Club.

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Craig and Marylee Philp - December 4, 2022

I know it has been awhile since you left us and we think of you every day. The many dinners and get together's that we all shared we're wonderful. Herb was such a kind soul. He loved all animals, especially his dog Kona. His stories about Switzerland 🇨🇭 were so fascinating. Herb was very proud of his heritage. We shared many laughs with Herb and his wife Norine. He will be missed, more than words can say. Always in our hearts.

Ernst Schönbächler - December 4, 2022

R.I.P. Herb and my deepest condolences to Norine. Norine, thank you for making it possible to talk to Herb one last time one day before his departure. Knew Herb since the late eighties when he was the president of St. Andrew Goldfields. Over the years Herb and Norine visited Switzerland a few times. His interest was always with the cows and while driving around we had to stop many times in order to talk to farmers and see how they handle the business here. More than once he was buying cowbells - the sound of Swiss farming. I will never forget the very many talks over the phone almost weekly - He was always optimistic to his last day. Good bye Herb, i am waiting for your phone call.

Dave and Marg Ashby - November 24, 2022

A Memorial Donation has been made to the following charity. Hope Agricultural Heritage Club.

Derek tukendorf - November 12, 2022

It's always the crusty old buggers that are the sweetest on the inside....thanks for all the dog treats....going to miss your visits. At pine ridge nusery ..r.i.p

Mirsad Jakubovic - November 2, 2022 DONATION

A Memorial Donation has been made to the following charity:

Adopt a Dog, Save a Life

Barry J Adamson - November 1, 2022 DONATION

A Memorial Donation has been made to the following charity:

Hope Agricultural Heritage Club

Jean-Marc Favre - October 30, 2022

Dear Herbie, I have so many memories spent with you. You were a generous person with a huge heart. a person who loved people, children, animals. I was your "Monster" when I was a child and I felt so important to you. I was so happy when you came to visit me in Switzerland, and we could spend time, watch French moves together that made you laugh so much. I so enjoyed the time spent at your farm in Orono driving the little tractor and working with you around. Thank you for all these good memories and for all the happiness that you have brought to me. You have been the best godfather I could dream of! I hope you rest in peace and please protect us from where you are. All my thoughts goes to Norine and all her loved ones. we miss him terribly

Dale Randall - October 30, 2022

Dear Norine, My heart aches for you over Herb’s death. I have so many wonderful memories of our fun times together. Herb was one of a kind with an incredible life. Sending you hugs and love Dale

Stefan Hess - October 30, 2022 DONATION

A Memorial Donation has been made to the following charity:

Hope Agricultural Heritage Club

Yasmin and Gerry Goldie - October 29, 2022 DONATION

A Memorial Donation has been made to the following charity:

Adopt a Dog, Save a Life

Yasmin and Gerry Goldie - October 29, 2022

What an amazing story he had! We learned so much about him in this snippet of his life. We met Herb through the Organic growers and visited his farm often. We stayed friends for many years- shared many enjoyable meals and good hearty laughs. "Wit and charm" sums him up beautifully. His passion for organic farming and love of animals resonates with us. We are so sorry for your loss. Grief is not an easy character to live with and we are here if you need anything.

Linda Gasser - October 29, 2022

I extend my deepest sympathy to Norine and family. I will miss Herbie a great deal. My hope is that he will meet up with his family and that he looks up my parents, who both adored him. As she did on earth, my mother would make it her mission to continue to ply Herb, Marta, Franz and Rudi with their favourite meals and desserts, alternating with Rudi and Franz who were first class cooks. I picture them all enjoying extended cocktail hours involving lots of stories and laughter. I’m so grateful to have so many wonderful memories of the great times with our friends and families. Rest in Peace, Boyli.

Linda Gasser - October 29, 2022 DONATION

A Memorial Donation has been made to the following charity:

Adopt a Dog, Save a Life

Earl and Suzanne Ashby - October 28, 2022 DONATION

A Memorial Donation has been made to the following charity:

Hope Agricultural Heritage Club

Peter Newell & Cheryl Milne - October 28, 2022

Herb was a good friend for over many years – good to spend time with. We'’ll always remember that twinkle in his eye, as he pointed out some idiotic thing governments had done, or as he made his various pronouncements about one thing or another, often with wisdom, always with humour. His (mostly) affectionate interest in people, his love of the outdoor life, and his wide knowledge always made him a pleasure to be with. And of course, there were his dogs -- all of them wearing those Swiss collars that passed down from generation to generation -- they’ll all be waiting for him at the end of the Rainbow Bridge. He was a good man and also, as his time approached, a calm and brave man. We'll surely miss him.

Valerie Pienne and Roy Juffs - October 27, 2022

RIP Herb. Our thoughts go out to Norine and Linda. We remember you as a great friend. You will be missed by many.

Brenda & Barry Barry Adamson - October 27, 2022

Norine, we are saddened by the loss of a true friend & avid HAHC member. His quick smile & ready laughter will live forever in our memories. Th'Bare & Brenda Adamson Port Britain Shores Port Hope

yvette favre - October 27, 2022

Je connaissais Herbert depuis si longtemps. Je suis vraiment triste et n'arrive pas à penser que je ne le reverrai plus jamais. je me souviens des fins de semaines dans le nord du Canada parmi les maringouins, des sorties à cheval dans la neige et surtout il était le parrain de mon fils . Il adorait les enfants et les gâtait beaucoup. Il riait tout le temps et m'appelait yvetteli. Je ne l'oublierai jamais et je pense beaucoup à Norine qui était là pour lui. Toutes mes condoléances.

Kimmy - October 27, 2022

Herb you left us so quickly, I am happy I came to see you and Norine mid August, but you left my ❤️ a little broken. You did not say left this world on my Birthday, I guess that's your way of saying kimmy remember. THANKS for the many time you put a smile on our faces in good and bad times. No more pain......Continue to S.I.P 💐

Denis Orendt - October 27, 2022

My condolences to you Norine. Herb was such a vibrant person. We are here for you.

Katrin Hayduk - October 27, 2022 DONATION

A Memorial Donation has been made to the following charity:

Lung Cancer Canada

Katrin and Nick Hayduk - October 27, 2022

Dear Norine, We are so sorry for your loss. Herb will be missed by many. Kat and Nick

Earl and Suanne Ashby - October 26, 2022

Earl and I were so lucky to have known Herb. Every time we were with Herb you learned something new about his life. He was one of the most fascinating and interesting people I knew. He loved his dog and had a kind gentle heart. Earl had many fun evenings with Herb fixing machinery and having a drink or two. He will miss their lunches and birthday get togethers. Herb will be greatly missed but the memories will be with us for a long time. Rest in Peace Herb.

Rosemary Philp - October 26, 2022

I will always remember the cheeky twinkle in Herbs eyes as he would peer at Dad and I over the rims of his glasses during one of his many visits. I learned so much from Herb in the short time that I had the pleasure of knowing him , and for that I am forever grateful. Rest easy Herb

Delane - October 26, 2022

John & I are sending you our love and holding space for you during this time.

john + tracey ing - October 26, 2022

Condolences to Norine in her period of grief. Herb left too soon but left with many , many good memories. He will be missed. John + Tracey

Nancy Devitt - October 26, 2022

Herb was a great joy to my sister his wife Norine. He was loved by all.

Kilowatt and Margarete - October 26, 2022

Herb will be missed by both of us. He was Kilowatt’s boss but became good friends as they worked together. I had the privilege to call him my friend also. We had many good times together both in person and mainly in long distance calls. Rest In Peace dear friend. 🙏🥃

Ron and Edna Johnson - October 23, 2022

Herb was a wonderful neighbor up on the hill. A lot of fun chats while tipping an occasional toddy. RIP Herb