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Did you know that when you select cremation, the widest possible array of service options is made available to you? At MacCoubrey Funeral Home we understand that freedom of choice is important and we encourage you to explore all of the possibilities for remembrance that cremation offers.

If you believe there is value in a funeral service, then cremation might be right for you. The funeral service would take place in the traditional way, with the casket present. The cremation would follow the funeral service.

If you feel more comfortable with a memorial service, then cremation is certainly the right choice for you. The service, at which the urn may or may not be present, would take place following the cremation. Whether you choose to have the urn present or not, you could include photographs or other mementos to help personalize the service.

If you prefer to remember your loved one in a less formal manner, then cremation is still the option for you. After cremation, you would be free to arrange any kind of remembrance that you feel would be meaningful. Anything from a simple reflective moment alone to a gathering of family and friends is a possibility. Such gatherings could take place at home, in a park, near a lake or even in a restaurant.

When it comes time to place the cremated remains in their final resting place, your options are equally varied. Cremated remains may be buried, scattered or retained at home. Cremated remains can even be divided, so that some may be buried or scattered and some retained.

Thanks to a new process, we offer an alternative to receiving traditional cremated remains