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Green Burial Funerals

MacCoubrey Funeral Home has been working hand in hand with Cobourg Union Cemetery to develop a green option for the environmentally concerned members of the public.

The green package offered by the funeral home include environmental embalming, environmental caskets, reduced vehicle usage and can also include environmental stationery.

In conjunction with this, the cemetery has opened a green section for environmental burials. These are immediate burials, or those environmentally embalmed and use environmental containers or caskets. No standard embalmings or cremations are allowed in this section of the cemetery.

The green section is left in a natural setting with limited grounds keeping. Central field stone markers are used rather than monuments and tree planting and natural vegetation are encouraged.

For photographs of the green section at Cobourg Union Cemetery, visit the Green Burials Ontario Facebook page

St. James' Cemetery, Roseneath also offers environmentally friendly burials. Call for more information

Green Funerals
Environmental Embalming
  • Environmental embalming or no embalming
  • Specially designed eco-friendly fluids
  • Bio-degradable preservatives
  • No formaldehydes or other toxins used
Environmental Caskets & Containers
  • Canadian made, simple environmental casket
  • Non-toxic finishes, no plastics and limited metals
  • Easily degradable
Environmental Cemetery
  • Special green section of the cemetery will be kept natural
  • Group monuments or vegetation planted as markers
  • Only non-embalmed or environmentally embalmed
  • No lawn maintenance
  • No cremations
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