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Joseph Anthony Douglas Graham

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Joseph Anthony Douglas 'Joe' Graham

September 13, 1984 - June 7, 2022

It is with tremendously heavy hearts we announce the passing of Joseph “Joe” Anthony Douglas Graham on Tuesday, June 7th, 2022. Joe spent many years battling addiction and was unable to fight it any longer. He passed at the age of 37. He will be forever loved by his mother Jane (Garry) De Jong as well as his Father, Pat Chamberlain. He will be forever remembered as the goof ball brother to Nicole (Tom) Graham, Luke De Jong, Jeff (Mandy) De Jong and Dylan De Jong. Loved uncle to Lily Graham, Ari Graham, Ella Graham, Charlotte De Jong, Grady De Jong, and Dawson De Jong. Cherished nephew to Chrissy (Wayne) Wamboldt. Into God’s hands flies an unbridled kind soul. He will be so greatly missed by all his extended family (De Jong), Patrick, Christian O’Connor and friends.

Joe managed to touch the lives of all those who surrounded him. He put the needs of everyone around him before his own. He was able to walk so many through their own struggles with out judgment. He cared deeply and fiercely about his family and his friends. It didn’t matter who you were, If Joe was around, he was going to make you laugh, that or he would have made you the biggest peanut butter sandwich which would have been more peanut butter than actual bread. Joe can not be defined as the demons he fought. He had his personal struggles, but he loved deeply, cared strongly, and changed so many for the better. We say goodbye to a son, brother, uncle, nephew, and friend but in that we gain a guardian angel. Joe is now free of the hurt that weighed on him so greatly.

In honour of Joe, a celebration of life will take place at MacCoubrey Funeral Home, Thursday, June 16th, 2022, from 5:00 – 7:00 PM. There will be an open mic period at 6:00 PM. We invite you all to join us in the sharing of memories, where we will laugh, cry, and remember together. In lieu of flowers, donation may be made to Addiction Services Central Ontario. You can also donate, by offering an open heart and support to those who may be struggling.

Rest easy now, Joe. You were loved, you are loved, and you will continue to be loved.

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Kim Bantten - July 17, 2022

Jane & Garry, I am sorry for the loss of Joe, such a beautiful memorial message of his life and how loved everyone around him. Our condolences to your family . I pray for God’s peace in your hearts .

Steve Perkins - June 28, 2022

Joe and I were good friends growing up as we went to school together at Merwin Greer in Cobourg. He was always good for a laugh and his smile was so genuine. I'm very sorry to hear of his passing. May his charismatic spirit live on in all that knew and love him. Rest easy, Joe.

Mary Hewgill - June 16, 2022

Jamie and Gary I am so sorry for the loss of your son!! I know life for him was challenging but this is so hard for all of you. I am praying for you and yours. I am sorry I didn’t make it to the memorial but hope it brought you some peace and joy as you remembered the special son he was.

Marg Chapman - June 16, 2022

Our family is deeply saddened by your loss .Although I only knew Joe as a little boy running in our yard it is with fond memories of a sweet little boy.

Sylvia Martenuk - June 16, 2022 DONATION

A Memorial Donation has been made to the following charity:

Addiction Services Central Ontario

Anne DeJong - June 16, 2022 DONATION

A Memorial Donation has been made to the following charity:

Addiction Services Central Ontario

Michelle Cormier - June 16, 2022

To your family and friends, my deepest condolences. You have touched so many lives with your love. You were special and I know you will be deeply missed. Although we had went our separate ways after high school I have spent many days thinking of you. You will always have a place in my heart, and my memories of our friendship will always be with me and bring smiles and laughter. Be at peace my friend

Sue Retallick - June 16, 2022

My sincerest condolences. Sue Retallick (Curtis Chicks)

Caroline Jansen-Greydanus - June 16, 2022

Dear Jane, Gary, Nicole, Jeff, Dylan, Luke and extended family. We were so saddened to hear about the passing of your beloved son and brother, Joe. From reading the lovely obituary above, we could tell that he was an exceptionally caring person. Sounds like he brightened many people's lives💖. Please know that we are lifting you all in prayer and asking for strength and comfort in the difficult times ahead🙏💕

Ashlee Whitelaw - June 16, 2022

I’m so sorry to hear about Joe. I have so many memories with him when we were growing up…playing with the puppies at the farmhouse, babysitting his little brother “critter” with him, who he adored... I could talk to him about anything when we were growing up without any judgement & he helped me through so much. He was so much fun to hang out with and had the biggest smile! We drifted apart as we grew older but chatted periodically here & there. My thoughts & prayers are with his family ❤️

Ralph and Linda Haverkamp - June 15, 2022 DONATION

A Memorial Donation has been made to the following charity:

Family Outreach Ontario

Chris and Amy DeJong - June 14, 2022 DONATION

A Memorial Donation has been made to the following charity:

Addiction Services Central Ontario

Hugh Greenfield - June 14, 2022

Sorry for your loss Jane and Gary. Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time. Take care.

Nikki O'Connor/Graham - June 14, 2022

My brother Joe was an amazing big brother. Endless hours of Final Fantasy sleepovers, 300+ hours spent collectively trying to defeat it. He used to bribe me to do his chores, and I remember the moment he told me I could have his Final Fantasy 7 game if I did his chores. I did happily, I actually enjoyed helping him with his chores because I looked up to him so much and wanted that time with him. He used to ask me to make him the biggest peanut butter sandwiches and if they weren't a full inch, he's point to the door and say, "More!" I remember us jumping into they clay pits along Ganaraska river. Bringing mom a HUGE snake, that wasn't in the bag anymore? (where did it go?) Joe loved basketball and we used to play, "around the world," shooting the net from different locations. We also played a lot of basketball video games together. I remember he used to take me on the back of his dirt bike, hit the jumps. I fell off once and he dragged me across the field- that hurt. Still fun. When he was in his older elementary school days to high school, he wanted to be everyone's friend. He'd often bring his friends home and they'd end up calling my mom, "Mom." As we got older, our paths take us different ways in life. Joe was always my protector, keeping me safe. If anyone was going to tease or torture me - it was him only. Many frights with the scream mask or any other Halloween mask he could find. When my brother met Tom, (my husband), he handed over the reins to him to take care of me. He trusted Tom would be a good protector to his baby sister. Over the years I would check in with mom often asking how he was. When we were in the area we always made time to see each other, even if it was a struggle to do so. I watched his body go through many changes, we could physically see battles he was fighting without fully understanding. He was a protector to us all and didn't want us to know the things he did not want us to see. We love him deeply. We all wanted to help him, we all did in some form, but in the end it doesn't seem enough. The system is broken. It just doesn't work. One tiny action can ruin the rest of your life- even if you were at the best point of your life. I know Joe fought hard for laughs, love, hugs, and more and would happily toss you over his shoulder or pick you up in his arms. He would tickle you or make you laugh until you peed. For those impacted by Joe in some way, I hope you cherish the memories in your heart and they're felt deeply. I hope you feel all his hugs, laughs, teases, silly stunts, kindness, and hope he would want you to feel. Forever in my heart, forever in my soul, my big brother, Joe

Ginny Graham - June 14, 2022 DONATION

A Memorial Donation has been made to the following charity:

Addiction Services Central Ontario

Crystal Pounder - June 13, 2022

So long my friend, though it's been years since I last seen you the memories of us as friends in our teenage years will always remain awesome. Often wondered about you over the years but never could get in touch. One thing is certain, WE WILL meet again in a far better place. Til then R.I.P. I am so sorry for the tremendous loss your family has had to endure.

Marj and Jane DeJong - June 13, 2022

So sorry for loss. It is tough but We pray for peace and comfort for you❤️

Jayne Atkinson - June 13, 2022

My sincerest condolences to Jane, Garry and Pat and family in the loss of your son, Joe. I cannot imagine the pain and loss you are feeling. Just know that my thoughts and prayers are with you all. Hugs to all.

Justin wood - June 13, 2022

Sorry I missed you Joe wish I had a chance to see you brother it had been way to long. I hope you're at peace. My heart goes out to your family. So many memories to look back on Joe

Kelly Wilanowski (Pounder) - June 13, 2022

You took me in at the age of 16 out the farm in Port Hope. I have many fond memories together. Be at peace brother until we meet again!

Lori Ashton - June 13, 2022

My love and support to his family. My condolences to you Jamie, Garry and the kids ..

Brenda Chamberlain - June 12, 2022

So sorry for your loss sending my condolences to you and your family at this difficult time RIP Joe Love GreatAuntBreanda Chamberlain

Keneena Hearns - June 12, 2022 DONATION

A Memorial Donation has been made to the following charity:

Addiction Services Central Ontario

Peter Verleysen - June 12, 2022

So sorry for your loss. Thinking of your whole family

Rik May - June 12, 2022

I knew Joe before his struggle began. He was an extremely nice young man. Generously and lovingly being the only father figure my granddaughter knew. He was a great example to her. My condolences to the family.

Ginny Graham - June 12, 2022 DONATION

A Memorial Donation has been made to the following charity:

Addiction Services Central Ontario

Christine Wamboldt - June 12, 2022

We are so deeply sad about Little Joe passing. He will be missed dearly. love always Aunt Chrissy and uncle Wayne.

Mark & Lisa DeJong - June 12, 2022

Our deepest sympathy and condolences. Joe was always a respectful and kind person and would do anything for you. This is a beautiful obituary that describes Joe as we all knew him. You are in our prayers through this difficult time.

Kelly Batten - June 12, 2022

Ahhhh Joe I miss ya buddy. And my heart breaks for your family and the rest of those that were lucky enough to ever be in your presence. Hope your flying free homie. And until we meet again ♥️😢🙏

Dianne and Dick Algera - June 12, 2022

We are so saddened by the passing of Joe. Loving condolences to the family. Joe had the biggest heart - ever! Dianne & Dick Algera