Genesis Bereavement Resources

We are pleased to offer the full range of bereavement and support services provided by Genesis Bereavement Resources. We make the Genesis program available to everyone who feels it might be of benefit to them. It is not limited to those families for whom we have provided funeral services.

Individual Counselling

Private individual counselling with Genesis Director, John Saynor is available to anyone. Please feel free to call to arrange an appointment.

Support Groups

Support groups are formed which meet regularly for a prescribed period of time. Each group, usually centred around a particular type of grief, brings together people with similar experiences. A number of different group sessions is held each year. For information about current or future support groups, please feel free to call or watch "Upcoming Events" on this website.

Comprehensive Lending Library

An extensive selection of books and videos as well as booklets and pamphlets are available for loan.

Seminars and Workshops

Every year a number of evening seminars are held on a variety of topics related to grief and bereavement. Please feel free to call or watch "Upcoming Events" on this website for information about current or future evenings.

Individual counselling is available to everyone. It is free of charge to those for whom we have previously provided services. In other situations, charges may apply. All of the other Genesis Bereavement Resources services are available to everyone without obligation and are free of charge.

For further information, please call either number below:

MacCoubrey Funeral Home (905) 372-5132
Genesis Bereavement Resources at
MacCoubrey Funeral Home (905) 372-3648